Out Reach Programs

Out Reach ProgramDate
Parmatmanandji seminaron vedic education21/10/2018
Republic Day Celebration at Practice Teaching School25/01/2019
Academic tour by ILT trainees01/02/2019
Visit to Vidhan Sabha Leader of Opposition Paresh Dhanani - interaction with trainees24/07/2019
Visit to Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani and interaction with the staff of ILT24/07/2019
Praying tribute to Retired Professor of English Avdhessingh by Trainees and Management of ILT31/08/2019
Teachers Day Celebration With Other College Trainees And Practice Teaching School Students05/09/2019
Expert talk by Vednisthanand on “Swami Vivekanand and Youth”20/09/2019
Indian Constitutional Awareness Program - Constitution fair11/10/2019
Lecture by Dr Amee Yagnik MP Rajyasabha attended by Teachers of Practice Teaching School and ILT trainees22/10/2019
AIDS Awareness - Event as a part of National Mission
Gender Sensitivity - Event as a part of National Mission
Digital India - Event as a part of National Mission
National Water Mission - Event as a part of National Mission
Yoga - Event as a part of National Mission
Visit to Old Age Home15/01/2020
Participation in Mock Vidhan Sabha Project of Government of Gujarat24/01/2020
Part of Psychology Fair28/02/2020
Part of project on “Wisdom on Wheels” with Saurashtra University
NAAC Zonal Workshop09/03/2021
NEP 2020 discussion with School Management and Teachers - Event as a part of National Mission15/03/2021
Awareness form BEd admission and Mock Test for more than 2500 students11/07/2021
Collection of Fund by Staff Management and Trainees of ILT for Professor in Coma due to CORONA21/08/2021
Trees plantation - Activity of Green initiative21/08/2021
Blood Donation02/10/2021
Superstition Awareness Program - by Students of Psychology Department Saurashtra University at ILT ( MOU Activity)05/10/2021
Rangoli competition with Practice Teaching School Students30/10/2021
Placement Activity13/02/2022
Type of Schools and boards : Talk by Ravidan Barhat BRC24/02/2022
Four day training about Drone Technology - by KCG Government of Gujarat18/07/2022
Participation in Surveys Conducted by Department of Psychology26/07/2022
Visit to DIET with Teachers of Practice Teaching Schools and Trainees of ILT29/07/2022
Visit to Gandhi Museum with students from Practice Teaching School and ILT trainees29/07/2022
Independence Day Celebration with Students of Practice Teaching School14/08/2022
Book fair at Practice Teaching School in Collaboration with Sahitya Setu (MOU)14/09/2022
Climate Change Awareness Activity Event as a part of National Mission08/10/2022
Participation in Marriages of 23 Single or No Parents Girls18/12/2022
“Josh” - Sports event for trainees of all BEd Colleges of Gujarat12,13/01/2023
Promoting “Disability Awareness” at Sneh Nirjhar (School for Mentally Challenged)19/01/2023
Lunch with Mentally Challenged Students of Sneh Nirjhar19/01/2023
Managing Playhouse at Rashtriya Shala11/03/2023
Awareness program on Kidney diseases in Collaboration with Indian Rinal Foundation Attended by trainees ILT & Teachers of other Practice Teaching Schools23/03/2023
Celebration of Guru Purnima with Students of Practice Teaching School03/07/2023
Live telecast of launch of Chandrayan with Students of Practice Teaching School14/07/2023
Haripar (Pal) Anti Addiction Program22/08/2023
Conducted Awareness Program And Organized Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Activities – Event As A Part Of National Mission30/09/2023
Visit To Psychology Department By ILT Trainees09/10/2023
Digital Literacy Event for Senior Citizens Event as a part of National Mission
Drama For Learning “Defense Mechanism” Organized Jointly By ILT And Department Of Psychology
ILT Faculties And Trainees Participation In Teachers Day Celebration: Keynote Speaker Jayshree Didi Head Of Swadhyay Parivar
You Tube Channel Prepared By Principal ILT Dr Nidatt Barot: Innovative Approach In Teaching Learning In COVID Times – Activity As A Part Of National Mission
Dr. Bharat Boghra Former MLA – Workshop On Role Of Cabinet And State Minister And Law Making By Vidhan Sabha24/03/23