Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Haripar (Pal) Anti Addiction Program

Haripar (Pal) Anti Addiction Program

The Anti-Addiction Drive awareness activity undertaken by trainees of the Institute of Language Teaching (ILT) reflects a commitment to community well-being and a proactive stance against social issues. This outreach initiative goes beyond traditional educational roles, showcasing ILT’s dedication to fostering a healthier and more informed community.


In addressing the issue of addiction, ILT trainees actively engage in awareness campaigns to educate the community about the adverse effects of substance abuse. This initiative not only contributes to preventive efforts but also plays a crucial role in building awareness, reducing stigma, and encouraging individuals to seek support.

The outreach activity involves organizing informational sessions, workshops, and awareness campaigns in local communities. ILT trainees leverage their educational background to disseminate crucial information about the consequences of addiction and the available resources for those seeking help. By taking a proactive role in combating addiction, ILT becomes a catalyst for positive change within the community.


The anti-addiction drive also serves as a platform for destigmatizing addiction-related issues, fostering an open dialogue, and promoting empathy. ILT trainees, through their active participation, become ambassadors for change, influencing attitudes, and encouraging community members to support those affected by addiction.


This community activity reflects the broader role of educational institutions in addressing societal challenges. By actively participating in anti-addiction awareness campaigns, ILT trainees not only contribute to the prevention of substance abuse but also exemplify the transformative impact that education can have on community health and well-being. The ripple effect of such initiatives extends beyond the immediate participants, fostering a culture of awareness, support, and collaboration within the community.