Workshop on Work Culture at IIM-A by Pratapsinh Chauhan26/09/2018
Seminar on Vedic Education System of Ancient Indian - Swami Parmatmanandji29/10/2018
Workshop on Research Mathodology by Dr. Janak Makwana18/08/2019
Workshop on Indian Constitution by Dr. Bhagirath Manjariya20/02/2020
Workshop on the Role of Teacher in 21st Centure Dr. Iros Vaja21/02/2020
Workshop on Role of Music in Education - Jaydev Gosai26/09/2021
Workshop on Poetry resitation and Poetry resitation compeititon -Minu Jasdanwala22/10/2021
Workshop on Resume building by Dr. Jiten Udhas05/01/2022
Honing the communication skill - R. J. Nimit15/04/2022
Effective Communication - Bhavisha Vyas, Christ College, Rajkot14/03/2022
Workshop on Art & Science of Case Study by Dr. Hitesh Shukla07/07/2022
How to make TLM & What is TLM by Dr. G. F. Mehta30/01/2023
Workshop on Non verbal Communication by Soni Jhala, Prof. Christ College12/04/2023
Workshop of Multi Disciplinary Approach Assist Dr. Kalyani Raval, Prof. D. H. College, Rajkot15/04/2023
Workshop on Art of Letter Writing - Minu Jasdanwala10/07/2023
Workshop on IPR by Dr. Girish Bhimani, Director NAAC
Workshop on mispronounced words by
Workshop on Preparation of CTET exam by Alumni Students
Working on Microteaching by Alumni Students from 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Seminar Student Center Learning
Workshop by Bhavisha Maam on Finishing Skills for Teachers18/03/2024 to

Placement Drive of ILT25/02/2024
Samir Sir was invited for TET/TAT guidanceand Mandir Sir was invited for BluePrint making guidance for Semester-2,429/01/2024
Samir Sir and Jagat Sir was invited for TET/TAT guidance and guidance for Semester-2,430/01/2024
Shubham Rathi Sir was invited for ICT Google Products tools awareness session for Semester-2,406/02/2024
TET/ TAT Guidance lecture for Semester-2,4 3.00 to 4:30 - History
4:30 to 6:00 - Reasoning
TET/ TAT Career Guidance English, Reasoning
Innovation Club Training Sem-2 for technical expertise for 2 days from 1:30-5 pm
Annual Lesson Guidance for Semester-4 begins
12/02/2024 to

Session on Resume Building by Nandan Rajguru Sem-4 to upskill and give guidance about basic fundamentals of Resume building to Semester-2 students. Stray Lesson Guidance for Semester -2 begins14/02/2024
Session by Bhadrayu Vachchrajani Sir President of ILT on Why B.Ed. after B.A.?06/03/2024
GCAS Procedure starts all faculties to provide guidance31/03/2024