Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Visit to DIET with Teachers of Practice Teaching Schools and Trainees of ILT

Visit to DIET with Teachers of Practice Teaching Schools and Trainees of ILT

The collaborative initiative between the practice teaching school’s teachers and the District Institute of Education Training (DIET) marked a significant step in enhancing educational practices and community outreach. The visit, enriched by a lecture from the esteemed Dr. Prashant Ambasana, focused on unraveling the intricate functioning of DIET and shedding light on their methodologies for training in-service teachers.

The engagement began with an insightful lecture by Dr. Prashant Ambasana, an expert in the field. His discourse not only illuminated the teachers about DIET’s role but also provided valuable insights into effective teaching methodologies. This knowledge-sharing session was a crucial component of the outreach and community activity, as it equipped the participating teachers with enhanced pedagogical strategies and a broader understanding of the education landscape.

The visit to DIET itself served as an experiential learning opportunity. Observing firsthand the institute’s infrastructure, resources, and training mechanisms provided the practice teaching school’s educators with tangible examples of best practices. This exposure is invaluable, as it allows for the transfer of successful strategies to their own teaching environments.


This outreach initiative contributes to the community by ensuring that teachers, the backbone of educational progress, are continually equipped with the latest educational insights. The collaborative effort between the practice teaching school and DIET serves not only to improve the quality of education within the local community but also fosters a culture of ongoing professional development. In this way, the initiative becomes a catalyst for positive change and improvement within the broader educational landscape.