Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme “Josh” – Sports event for trainees of all BEd Colleges of Gujarat

“Josh” – Sports event for trainees of all BEd Colleges of Gujarat


“Josh 23,” a state-level sports extravaganza hosted by IITE University and meticulously organized by the Institute of Language Teaching (ILT) in collaboration with Saurashtra University Rajkot, marked a significant milestone in fostering community engagement and inclusivity. With over 1000 enthusiastic trainees from across the state participating, the event transcended the boundaries of competition to become a beacon of unity, resilience, and collective spirit.


The ILT’s distinctive approach to event management not only showcased their commitment to inclusivity but also highlighted the immense potential of individuals regardless of their background. By entrusting both trainees and staff with the organization of “Josh 23,” the ILT created a platform that empowered participants to actively contribute to the event’s success. This collaborative effort not only bolstered a sense of ownership and pride among the contributors but also demonstrated to the broader community the capabilities of individuals with diverse abilities.


“Josh 23” went beyond the realms of a sports competition; it became a vibrant celebration of diversity and shared achievements. The active participation of trainees in managing the event served as a powerful example of breaking down societal barriers and promoting a culture of inclusion. As an outreach and community activity, “Josh 23” not only entertained and inspired but also ignited conversations around the importance of embracing diversity and fostering a supportive community where everyone can thrive. The event, orchestrated by ILT, stands as a testament to the transformative impact of inclusive initiatives on both individuals and the broader society.