Academic tour by ILT trainees

ILT’s academic tour to institutions such as GCERT, GSEB, IITE University, Forensic University, and Mahatma Gandhi Ashram stands as a commendable outreach and community activity. This initiative goes beyond the conventional classroom setting, enriching trainees with practical exposure and fostering a deeper connection between academia and the broader community.

The tour not only provided trainees with firsthand insights into various academic and research institutions but also served as a platform for building professional networks and connections. Exposure to institutions like GCERT, GSEB, and IITE University offered a comprehensive understanding of educational frameworks, policies, and innovative practices, enriching the trainees’ pedagogical knowledge.

The inclusion of institutions like Forensic University reflects ILT’s commitment to diverse fields of study, broadening the horizons of trainees and exposing them to interdisciplinary learning. Additionally, visiting Mahatma Gandhi Ashram provided a cultural and historical context, instilling a sense of civic responsibility and social consciousness.

The outreach aspect is notable, as this academic tour establishes connections between ILT and these institutions, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships. It also positions ILT as an active participant in the educational and cultural landscape of the community. In essence, this tour goes beyond academic exploration, embodying ILT’s dedication to creating well-rounded, socially aware educators who contribute meaningfully to the communities they serve.