Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Type of Schools and boards : Talk by Ravidan Barhat BRC

Type of Schools and boards : Talk by Ravidan Barhat BRC

The Institute of Language Teaching (ILT) demonstrated a commitment to fostering educational awareness and community engagement by organizing a discussion on the diverse types of schools and boards. The event featured Ravidan Barhat, a respected figure as the BRC (Block Resource Coordinator) in the Government of Gujarat, serving as the keynote speaker. This initiative serves as a notable outreach and community activity, contributing to the dissemination of valuable information within the educational community.

The discussion likely delved into various types of schools and educational boards, shedding light on their unique characteristics, curriculum structures, and the advantages they offer. This information is particularly crucial for educators, parents, and students who may be navigating through the myriad choices available in the educational landscape.


The choice of Ravidan Barhat as the keynote speaker adds credibility and expertise to the event. His role in the Government of Gujarat suggests a wealth of knowledge regarding the educational policies, practices, and the intricacies of the diverse educational boards.


ILT’s organization of such a discussion underscores its role as an educational institution that goes beyond the conventional classroom setting. By providing a platform for informed discussions on the nuances of school types and boards, ILT contributes to empowering its community with knowledge that can inform decision-making regarding education.


The outreach aspect is evident as this initiative likely attracted participants from various backgrounds, including educators, parents, and potentially students. The ripple effect of such community activities can lead to a more informed and engaged community, making well-informed decisions about educational pathways for the betterment of students and the broader community.