Institute of Language Teaching Events Rangoli competition with Practice Teaching School Students

Rangoli competition with Practice Teaching School Students


The Rangoli competition, held in collaboration with students from the practice teaching school, stands as a vibrant and community-centric outreach activity orchestrated by the Institute of Language Teaching (ILT). Rangoli, a traditional Indian art form involving colorful designs created on the ground, served as a creative medium to bring together students, educators, and the broader community.


The competition served not only as a celebration of cultural diversity but also as a means of fostering creativity and collaboration among participants. By involving students from the practice teaching school, the ILT ensured an inclusive platform where individuals of varying abilities could actively participate and showcase their artistic talents.

The event, rooted in cultural expression, transcended traditional educational boundaries, providing a unique space for social interaction and community engagement. Through the vibrant colors and intricate designs, participants not only celebrated the beauty of Indian art but also embraced the spirit of unity and inclusivity.


The Rangoli competition promoted teamwork and mutual understanding, as students from the practice teaching school collaborated with ILT members to create visually stunning artworks. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this community activity encouraged dialogue, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of belonging among participants.


As an outreach initiative, the Rangoli competition showcased the ILT’s commitment to holistic education that extends beyond conventional classroom learning. The event not only celebrated artistic expression but also nurtured a sense of community, where cultural traditions became a shared experience, contributing to the social fabric of the educational environment. The ripple effect of such inclusive and culturally rich activities can lead to a more harmonious and connected community.