Part of Psychology Fair

The inaugural Psychology Fair organized by the Department of Psychology marked a significant outreach and community activity, providing a valuable platform for engagement and knowledge exchange. This event, which showcased practical applications of psychological concepts, targeted B.Ed college trainees and school teachers, offering insights that could enhance their interactions with students.

The active participation of staff and trainees from the Institute of Language Teaching (ILT) exemplifies a collaborative approach to education within the community. By engaging with the Psychology Fair, ILT demonstrated a commitment to staying abreast of innovative teaching methods and psychological insights that can be applied in educational settings.


The fair likely featured demonstrations of practical tools, including tests for measuring intelligence and emotions. These demonstrations would have offered firsthand experiences and insights into the practical application of psychological assessments, equipping educators with valuable tools to understand and support the diverse needs of their students.


ILT’s involvement in the fair fosters a culture of cross-disciplinary learning, emphasizing the interconnectedness of various educational disciplines. This collaborative effort contributes to a shared knowledge base within the community, enhancing the overall quality of education.


The Psychology Fair serves as an excellent example of how educational institutions can actively engage with the broader community, sharing expertise and fostering continuous learning. By participating in events that promote practical applications of psychological principles, ILT contributes to the professional development of educators and promotes a culture of evidence-based practices within the community. The ripple effect of such community activities resonates in improved teaching methodologies and enriched educational experiences for students.