Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Four day training about Drone Technology – by KCG Government of Gujarat

Four day training about Drone Technology – by KCG Government of Gujarat


The Institute of Language Teaching (ILT) embarked on a cutting-edge journey of inclusivity and skill development through a four-day training program on drone technology. Facilitated by the Knowledge Consortium of the Gujarat Government under the Innovation Club, this initiative not only expanded the horizons of technology but also exemplified the commitment to inclusiveness and empowerment.

The training program, a remarkable example of outreach and community activity, welcomed trainees from ILT to delve into the intricacies of flying small drones. Under the aegis of the Knowledge Consortium, participants were provided with comprehensive insights into drone technology, covering aspects of operation, safety protocols, and applications in various fields.


This initiative went beyond traditional training paradigms by fostering a culture of innovation and technological inclusion. Trainees from ILT, often marginalized in mainstream education, were given an equal opportunity to engage with emerging technologies, breaking down barriers and empowering them with relevant skills. The program not only bolstered the participants’ technical proficiency but also instilled a sense of confidence and achievement.


As an outreach activity, the training program radiated the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, bridging the gap between diverse communities. By embracing the potential of drone technology, the initiative aligned with broader societal goals of skill development and technological advancement. Through the Innovation Club, the Knowledge Consortium demonstrated a commitment to creating inclusive learning environments, ensuring that the benefits of technological progress reach every stratum of society. This forward-looking initiative stands as a beacon of how technology education can be a catalyst for inclusive community development.