Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Part of project on “Wisdom on Wheels” with Saurashtra University

Part of project on “Wisdom on Wheels” with Saurashtra University

“Wisdom on Wheels,” a collaborative initiative between the Government of Gujarat, Saurashtra University, and the Institute of Language Teaching (ILT), emerged as a transformative outreach and community activity aimed at addressing educational disparities in rural areas. This project focused on providing formal education to deprived students in rural regions, particularly the children of workers who faced challenges in accessing traditional educational opportunities.

As partners in this noble endeavor, ILT played a crucial role in teaching these deprived children, offering them a chance to acquire basic education and foundational knowledge. The engagement with Saurashtra University allowed ILT to leverage its educational expertise in a collaborative effort to uplift the educational landscape of these underserved communities.


Beyond classroom teaching, ILT trainees took on the role of community advocates. They engaged with parents, especially those unfamiliar with the formal education system, and provided basic information about the importance of education. By emphasizing the significance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty and improving life prospects, ILT aimed to encourage parents to enroll their children in formal education systems under the Right to Education (RTE) initiative.


This outreach and community activity, therefore, went beyond the classroom, addressing the root causes of educational disparities in rural areas. By actively participating in community engagement and advocacy, ILT played a vital role in empowering both students and their families, fostering a positive impact on the community’s educational landscape. “Wisdom on Wheels” exemplifies how collaborative efforts between educational institutions and communities can bring about positive change, opening doors to formal education for the most marginalized and underserved students.