Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Visit to Psychology Department by ILT trainees

Visit to Psychology Department by ILT trainees

The visit to the Psychology Department by trainees of the Institute of Language Teaching (ILT) emerged as a valuable outreach and community activity, creating an interactive bridge between the academic sphere and practical insights into psychological testing. This initiative not only broadened the horizons of ILT trainees but also facilitated a deeper understanding of the methodologies employed in psychological assessments.


During the visit, faculty members from the Psychology Department showcased various apparatus used for psychological testing. This hands-on experience allowed ILT trainees to gain a tangible understanding of the tools and equipment employed in psychological assessments. The interactive presentation by the faculty served to demystify complex concepts, making the subject more accessible to the trainees.


Furthermore, the faculty shared insights into different paper-and-pencil tests available for evaluating students in schools. This information was particularly valuable for ILT trainees, as it provided practical knowledge that could be directly applied in educational settings. Understanding the nuances of psychological testing equips ILT trainees with tools to better address the diverse needs of students, fostering a more inclusive learning environment.


As an outreach and community activity, this visit not only strengthened the collaborative ties between ILT and the Psychology Department but also laid the groundwork for potential future collaborations. By bringing academic knowledge to life and connecting it to real-world applications, the initiative showcased the practical relevance of psychological testing in education. The ripple effect of such experiences can contribute to the creation of more informed and resourceful educators within the community.