Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Drama for learning “Defense mechanism” organized jointly by ILT and Department of Psychology

Drama for learning “Defense mechanism” organized jointly by ILT and Department of Psychology

In a collaborative effort between the Institute of Language Teaching (ILT) and the Department of Psychology, an insightful and engaging drama was organized at the ILT premises. This unique activity focused on educating both students and the wider community about psychological defense mechanisms, combining creative expression with educational outreach.


Students from the Psychology department took the stage, using theatrical performances to vividly illustrate various defense mechanisms such as denial, repression, and projection. The dramatization not only provided a dynamic and memorable learning experience for students within the ILT community but also served as an effective means of conveying complex psychological concepts to the broader public.


The collaborative nature of this initiative exemplifies the synergy between ILT and the Psychology department, fostering an interdisciplinary approach to education and community engagement. By bringing psychological insights into the realm of drama, the event transcended traditional educational boundaries, making psychological concepts more accessible and relatable to a diverse audience.


This outreach and community activity underscored ILT’s commitment to holistic education, demonstrating how the integration of creative arts and psychological education can enhance understanding and promote mental health awareness. The drama not only served as an educational tool but also contributed to reducing the stigma associated with mental health, fostering a more informed and supportive community ethos.