Institute of Language Teaching Collaboration (MOU)

Collaboration (MOU)

The Institute of Language Teaching, Rajkot, in collaboration with Saurashtra University, has embarked on a transformative journey of academic collaboration, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and expertise. This collaborative initiative has brought together a network of 16 esteemed institutes and 20 collaborative schools, creating a vibrant ecosystem for faculty exchange, student interaction, and collaborative research endeavors. By synergizing the strengths of diverse educational institutions, this partnership strives to enhance the overall learning experience, broaden academic horizons, and contribute to the advancement of language teaching and research. Through shared resources and a commitment to excellence, this collaborative effort aims to cultivate a rich academic environment that transcends boundaries and empowers the participants to excel in their respective fields.

Institute of Language Teaching, Rajkot under Saurashtra University has performed following exchange programs in the field of Education as mentioned below:

Sr. NoInstitute NameYear of MOU
1Rashtriya Shala, Rajkot2018
2Psychology Department, Saurashtra University, Rajkot
3Station E Language Lab2018
4Samarpan Charitable Trust, Rajkot2018
5Sahitya Setu ,Rajkot2018
6Kothari Hospital, Rajkot2019
7Mind Care Hospital, Rajkot2020
8Shyam Multispeciality Dental Hospital, Rajkot2022
9Yog Society2020
10Infinity Infoway , Rajkot2019
11Rao Information Technology, Rajkot2018
12Smt. J.J. Kundaliya Graduate Teachers College, Rajkot2019
13T.N. Rao B.Ed. College, Rajkot2018
14C.H. Shah Maitri Vidyapith, Surendranagar 2020
15Wisdom School, Rajkot2020
16P.B. Kotak School, Rajkot2019
Shreyash School, Rajkot2018
18Sanskardham School, Rajkot2018
19Vision School, Rajkot2020
20Amrut School, Rajkot2019
Kotecha School, Rajkot2018
22Saurashtra High School, Rajkot2018
23New Era School, Rajkot2019
24Mahatma Gandhi School, Rajkot2018
25T.N. Rao School for Girls, Rajkot2018
26Pathak School, Rajkot2019
27Pragati School , Rajkot2019
28Balkrishna School, Rajkot2019
29Navyug School, Rajkot2019
30Udaan School, Rajkot 2021
Green wood International School, Rajkot2019
32Karnavati International School, Rajkot2020
33Innovative School, Rajkot2019
34Dholakiya School2019

Objectives of the linkage are-

1) Exchange the Educational know-how,Human resource development,Finance & Quality control.

2) Exchange disruptive innovation in the field of Education.

3) Conduct joint research in the area of mutual interest.

4) Organize meetings/seminars/workshops.

5) Collaboration for solving problems.

6) Educational visits and Teacher’s training to the students of both the institutes.

7) Making opportunities available for job placement for the students of both the institutes.

Over the past five years, the Institute of Learning and Teaching (ILT) has actively pursueda strategy of collaboration and linkages with various schools and institutions, fostering a dynamic environment for academic exchange and research initiatives. The ILT has established a significant number of linkages, exemplifying its commitment to enhancing educational experiences for both faculty and students.Notably, the institute has facilitated faculty exchange programs with partner institutions, allowing educators to share expertise, pedagogical approaches, and research findings. Additionally, ILT has fostered student exchange programs, creating opportunities for cross-cultural learning and broadening students’perspectives.

As the ILT continues to strengthen its network of collaborations, it is poised to further enhance the quality of education and research out comes,fostering a culture of excellence and continuous learning.

Rashtriya Shala Linkage Photos

Linkage Photos of Department of Psychology

Photos of the Collaborative Schools

Linkage Photos of E-Station in the Language Lab of ILT, Rajkot

Linkage Photos of Samarpan trust

Linkage of Sahitya Setu

Linkage Photos with Healthcare

Mind Care Hospital, Dr. Rajesh Ram Expert Session with the Collaborative


Yog Society

Dance Work shop


Linkage of Research-Over the past five years, our B.Ed college has actively fostered meaningful linkages. Through collaborative initiatives, ILT, Rajkot has engaged in meaningful research endeavors in education. These linkages have provided a practical platform for the application of theoretical knowledge, allowing students to gain valuable insights and refine their teaching skills in real-world settings. The exchange of ideas, methodologies,and best practices has created asymbiotic relationship, enriching the learning experience for aspiring educators. As a result,graduates from the B.Ed program emerge not only with a solid academic foundation but also with the practical skills and competencies necessary to excel in the dynamic field of education.Establishing a robust frame work for faculty exchange,student exchange,and collaborative research initiatives with Department of Psychology of Saurashtra University.These partnerships have significantly contributed to the development of research skills and competencies among both our faculty and students through survey and application of tools.

Linkage of student exchange-Similarly, student exchange programs have provided ILT trainees with unique opportunities to gain diverse perspectives and enrich their understanding of educational practices. Concurrently, collaborative research endeavors have flourished, fostering a culture of academic inquiry and knowledge dissemination.These linkages have not only enhanced the academic rigor within our institution but have also contributed to the broader educational community by promoting a holistic approach to teacher training and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Linkages of Faculty Exchange-These linkages have not only enriched the academic environment of the out Institute but also contributed to the professional development of faculty members, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field of education.The synergy between the college and collaborative schools has resulted in a more comprehensive and globally informed approach to teacher training,ultimately benefiting the students by preparing them for the ever-evolving challenges of the education landscape. Faculty exchange programs have enabled our educators to engage in cross cultural learning experiences,bringing back innovative teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches.