Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Promoting “Disability Awareness” at Sneh Nirjhar (School for Mentally Challenged)

Promoting “Disability Awareness” at Sneh Nirjhar (School for Mentally Challenged)

initiative aimed to create a more inclusive and understanding society by bridging gaps and dispelling misconceptions about individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The ILT carefully curated activities that not only showcased the talents and abilities of the students at “Sneh Nirzar” but also provided a platform for meaningful interactions between the trainees and the students. Through engaging workshops and interactive sessions, the participants gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals with mental disabilities and the importance of fostering an inclusive environment.


This outreach and community activity not only contributed to raising disability awareness but also left a lasting impact on all involved, fostering empathy, breaking down barriers, and promoting a sense of unity within the community. The program at “Sneh Nirzar” serves as a beacon for future initiatives, encouraging continued collaboration and understanding among diverse segments of society.