Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Parmatmanandji Seminaron Vedic Education for three BEd college trainees

Parmatmanandji Seminaron Vedic Education for three BEd college trainees

The Institute of Language Teaching (ILT) organized a transformative seminar on the Vedic Education system, emerging as a meaningful outreach and community activity. The seminar witnessed active participation from trainees and staff of numerous B.Ed colleges, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among educators.


The keynote speaker, Parmatmanadji, played a pivotal role in the event, imparting profound insights into the Vedic education system and the dynamics of teacher-student relationships during that period. His blessing added a spiritual dimension to the seminar, emphasizing the holistic approach to education inherent in Vedic teachings.

The seminar served as a platform for dialogue and learning, facilitating a deeper understanding of the rich educational heritage of the Vedic era. Participants likely engaged in discussions on the principles and methodologies employed in Vedic education, drawing parallels to contemporary teaching practices.


ILT’s initiative extends beyond its immediate trainees, reaching out to a broader community of educators from various B.Ed colleges. This collaborative effort contributes to a shared knowledge pool, promoting the preservation and dissemination of traditional educational wisdom.


The presence of Parmatmanadji not only enriched the seminar with spiritual wisdom but also fostered a sense of interconnectedness and shared purpose among the participants. This outreach activity aligns with ILT’s commitment to holistic education, incorporating historical and spiritual dimensions into the professional development of educators.


The ripple effect of this seminar resonates within the educational community, promoting a deeper appreciation for the roots of education and encouraging a more profound understanding of pedagogical traditions. By engaging in such community-oriented activities, ILT contributes to the broader educational landscape, fostering a spirit of continuous learning and cultural enrichment.