Institute of Language Teaching out reach pogramme Collection of Fund by Staff Management and Trainees of ILT for Professor in Coma due to CORONA

Collection of Fund by Staff Management and Trainees of ILT for Professor in Coma due to CORONA


The compassionate response of the Institute of Language Teaching (ILT) staff and trainees to the dire situation faced by a professor from a Polytechnic college in Rajkot showcases a remarkable outreach and community activity, demonstrating the institute’s commitment to social responsibility.

Upon learning about the professor’s critical condition due to a COVID infection, which led him into a coma, ILT swiftly organized an initiative to provide support to the distressed family. The ILT staff and trainees took the lead by collecting the necessary details from the professor’s wife to facilitate financial assistance.


In a heartwarming display of community solidarity, ILT management, staff, and trainees visited various colleges in Rajkot to collect donations. This proactive approach not only showcases a swift response to the urgent need but also underscores the collaborative spirit within the educational community.


The funds collected were directly transferred to the bank account of the professor’s wife, offering much-needed financial relief during a challenging time. This outreach activity is a poignant example of how educational institutions can actively contribute to the welfare of their community members, going beyond traditional academic roles. Furthermore, the initiative fosters a sense of empathy and unity among ILT staff and trainees, reinforcing the importance of collective action in times of crisis. The ripple effect of such community activities extends beyond the immediate beneficiaries, contributing to a culture of mutual support and care within the educational community. This outreach initiative exemplifies how educational institutions can serve as pillars of community support, embodying the values of compassion and social responsibility.