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Sneh-Nirjar Visit – Promoting Disability Awareness

Promoting disability awareness starts from home, A place where the positive attitudes, values and customs are reinforced on a regular basis.
Furthermore, disability awareness signifies in educating the society regarding disability and how we as an individual can bring about the necessary changes.
Learning acceptance ie fundamental of having an understanding approach to disability awareness which hence can take place anywhere such as at home, school, workplace, health institutes, etc.
There are millions of people dealing with some form of disability and it’s our duty to help make their lives a better one, by contributing and promoting awareness through all types of medium to amplify our voice.
Institute of Language Teaching is thankful to both institutions (Sneh-Nirjar and Government school for mentally retarded children) for providing us the opportunity to be a part of their day.
One small action may not be enough to change the world but our combined efforts to do many small actions may help our society and future citizens to be on a right path