Institute of Language Teaching Scholar Sprint – Competitive Exam Preparation MCQs

Scholar Sprint – Competitive Exam Preparation MCQs

Education Policy & System

Quiz form
Test of National Education Policy ( teacher Education)
Test of National Education Policy ( Primary Education)
Test Of National Education Policy ( Secondary Education)
Test on NEP 2020
Test on Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Test on Azadi ka amrit mahotsava
Test on aatma nirbhar bharat
Test on Post Independence Education Commissions
Test on teaching skills
Test on Nai Taleem
Test for awareness of Right to Education (RTE)
Teacher aptitude test

Health & Wellness

Quiz form
Hygiene test for trainees
Test on Basics of Environment
Swachhata Mission test
Types of Schools test
Test on Basics of Yoga
Test on fit India movement
Test on Green initiatives
Test for aids awareness
Test for Ayurveda awareness

Social & Civic Education

Quiz form
Test of Gender Equity
Test on Inclusive Education
Action and Case study MCQ test
Soft skills test for BEd Trainees
Test for Effective Communication
Test for Effective orator
Test for awareness of Consumers rights
Test for awareness of Human Rights
Test for awareness of Differently abled people
Test on Basic Civic sense

Language & Grammar

Quiz form
Test for Nouns
Test for Pronouns
Test for Verbs
Test for Adverbs
Test for Adjectives
Test for Articles
Test on Indian English Authors

General Knowledge & Awareness

Quiz form
Test on Indian Knowledge System
Test on Chandrayan 3
Test On Indian National Flag
Test on Indian National Anthem
Test on Indian National Song
Test for Indian National Symbols
Test on Basics of Indian Constitution
Test on Indian Spiritual granths
Test for Indian Geography
Test for Gujarat Geography
Test for Indian Classical Dance
Test on Gujarati poets
Test for Rivers in Gujarat
Test for Mountains of India
Test for Indian films
Test on Mahatma Gandhi
Test on Gautam Buddha
Test on Sardar Patel
Test on Indira Gandhi
Test on Jawaharlal Nehru
Test on Rajiv Gandhi
Test on Narendra Modi
Test on Forests in India
Test on Heritage Cities in India

Computer & Technology

Quiz form
Test on Computer Hardware