Institute of Language Teaching Code of Conduct for Students of ILT Rajkot

Code of Conduct for Students of ILT Rajkot

As a student of ILT B.Ed College, I understand and agree to uphold the following code of conduct, which reflects the values of integrity, professionalism, respect, and responsibility. I recognize that my actions impact the college community and the education profession as a whole.

1. Academic Integrity

1.1 I will maintain honesty and integrity in all academic endeavors, including assignments, assessments, and examinations.

1.2 I will not engage in plagiarism, cheating, or any form of academic dishonesty.

1.3 I will attribute all sources properly and avoid submitting others’ work as my own.

2. Professional Behavior

2.1 I will demonstrate professional behavior both inside and outside the college premises.

2.2 I will adhere to the dress code and maintain a neat and appropriate appearance.

2.3 I will treat fellow students, faculty, staff, and all individuals with respect and dignity, regardless of differences.

3. Classroom Conduct

3.1 I will arrive on time for classes, practicums, and other scheduled activities.

3.2 I will actively participate in classroom discussions, group activities, and practical teaching experiences.

3.3 I will follow the instructions of instructors and mentors during teaching practices and internships.

4. Respect for Diversity

4.1 I will respect the diversity of opinions, backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs within the college community.

4.2 I will avoid discriminatory language, behaviors, and actions that could harm or offend others.

5. Professional Communication

5.1 I will communicate with professionalism and courtesy in all written and verbal interactions.

5.2 I will use respectful language and maintain a positive tone in all forms of communication.

6. Use of Technology

6.1 I will use technology responsibly and ethically, adhering to copyright laws and avoiding misuse.

6.2 I will refrain from using electronic devices for non-educational purposes during class hours.

7. Responsible Citizenship

7.1 I will actively contribute to the college community through participation in events, clubs, and community service.

7.2 I will follow college policies, rules, and guidelines outlined in official communications and handbooks.

8. Confidentiality and Privacy

8.1 I will respect the confidentiality of sensitive information shared within the college, including personal and academic matters.

8.2 I will not share, disclose, or misuse others’ private information without proper authorization.

9. Safety and Well-being

9.1 I will prioritize my safety and the safety of others by following safety guidelines and procedures.

9.2 I will report any unsafe conditions or incidents promptly to the relevant authorities.

10. Compliance and Accountability

10.1 I understand that violating this code of conduct may result in disciplinary actions in line with the college’s policies.

10.2 I will take responsibility for my actions and decisions, accepting the consequences of any violations.

I acknowledge that adhering to this code of conduct contributes to the reputation of ILT Rajkot and the education profession. I commit to upholding these principles throughout my journey as a student at the college.